Opening Credit to a New World

Home to over 200 nationalities, the UAE welcomes thousands of new expats every year that leave behind credit history that has been locked in their home country, when they need it the most. Through its Foreign Credit Report product powered by Nova Credit, Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) provides lenders with seamless and secure access to international consumer permissioned credit data from over 10 countries, including Australia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, enabling them to have more visibility into the credit worthiness of these individuals.  

Why is Your Foreign Credit Report Important?

AECB through its partnership with Nova Credit and with your consent, can instantaneously translate your international credit data into a UAE equivalent score and report format familiar to UAE lenders, who use it to evaluate your application. 

      Improves risk assessment for local lenders
    Increase eligibility chances
      Trusted by AECB

How it Works

Have you recently received an email requesting access to your foreign credit report?

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    STEP 1
    Are you a New Expat in UAE?

    AECB enables new expats like yourself to increase your eligibility by providing lenders with visibility on your foreign credit report.

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    STEP 2
    Apply for a Credit Facility

    As part of the lender process, you will be required to provide access to your foreign credit history.

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    STEP 3
    Unlock your Foreign Credit Report

    The lender will ask AECB to obtain your foreign credit history by sending an email to you requesting your consent to access your foreign credit report.

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    STEP 4
    Retrieve Your Foreign Credit Report

    After completing the verification process and within a seamless secured transaction, your foreign credit report will be instantly shared with you and your lender.

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    STEP 5
    Lender Reviews your Credit History

    Your lender will then use your foreign credit history to assess your credit application.

Have a Question or Need Support? 

Visit the FAQ section to learn more about Foreign Credit Reports

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