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Al Etihad Credit Bureau offers beneficial services to individuals. A Credit Report includes individuals historical data which enables them to make informed lending and borrowing decisions. 

Credit reports issued by the Bureau includes details about the consumers’ debt levels, financial obligations, credit payments history and default payments for the past 24 months

To obtain a Credit Report, customers should visit the Customer Service center at Al Etihad Credit Bureau (Location map) and apply for a Credit Report. 

The following are required to get a Credit Report (individuals):

· Original valid Emirates ID Card.

· Passport(s) Copy.

· Valid Email Address


In case, you are applying on behalf of a third party, the following are requested:


· Your Original valid Emirates ID card.

· Copies of the third party’s valid Emirates ID card and passport(s).

· Original notarized Power of Attorney or an AECB Authorization form including verification of the third party’s signature, by a bank.

· Valid Email Address

Fee for an individual Credit Report: AED 100.

To view the Credit Report Sample click here