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Commercial bureau reporting service will provide full and up to date credit information on commercial organizations in the country. 

Information contained in the commercial reports includes the company’s full address, details of its ownership, the credit facilities that are being used, the total amount of credit taken, and the company’s track-record of payments over the past two years.

The reports will allow the UAE’s companies to check the information held by banks is accurate – an important factor as a strong credit history will give access to better terms and conditions with banks, lenders and utility providers and will make it easier to gain access to capital. 

Visit Al Etihad Credit Bureaus customer service offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (location map) to obtain a Credit report.

The following are required to get a Credit Report (Corporate):

· Original valid Emirates ID card of the Establishment’s owner or the Company’s authorized signatory.

· Original valid Trade Licensee of the Company/Establishment.

· The original Articles of Association of the Company.

· Valid Email Address. 


In the case of Authorization, the following are requested:


· Copy of Valid Emirates ID card of the Establishment’s owner or the company’s authorized signatory.

· Original valid Trade License of the Company/ Establishment.

· The original Articles of Association of the Company

· Original  valid Emirates ID card of the Authorized person

· Original notarized Power of Attorney acceptable to the Bureau or the AECB Authorization form including verification of the Establishment’s owner of the Company’s authorized signatory signature by a bank.

· Valid Email Address.

Fee for a Corporate Credit Report: AED 180

To have a look at the Sample Report click here